How to Preserve Your Hats?

Hats are the easiest and cheapest way to protect your skin from the sun and the UV radiation, as well as to add a finishing touch to your outfit. While to protect them is not an easy thing, you can’t just throw them in there without deforming them. Therefore, you need to find the correct ways to preserve your hats. There are some ways for storing your hats, such as hang them in pegs, put them in a hat box and keep them in order will help you keep your hats safe and easy to find.

No. 1 Hanging Hats on Pegs

Most hats can be hung on pegs or hooks; this is very convenient for people who are lazy to organize things. But only some hats with solid construction can be hung on the pegs, while some fragile or antique hats may not be the good choice. There are many kinds of pegs for you to choose. You can buy them on the market or online. If you are DIY enthusiasts, you can make your own hangers by using regular nails or hooks. Make sure that the pegs are long enough to hang your hats securely. Generally speaking, a hat will be held up with 2 inches pegs.

After you got pegs, you also need to choose a space for installing pegs. The space should be secure and out of direct sunlight, otherwise, they will damage your hats. Most people like to hang the hats on the wall space, but you can hang your hats in a closet door or entryway, which would be better.

Remember do not put the pegs too close, or your hats would be very crowd. The space you give your hats based on the sizes of your hats. For example, bucket hats will require less space, while a wide-brimmed hat needs more space.

If your hats are mostly used in summer, they are often lightweight. You can buy stick-on adhesives to make sure the pegs stay securely on the wall, and then hang your hats on the pegs.

No. 2 Store Hats in Hat Boxes

Using a hat box to store your hats can keep them away from dust and moisture without damaging your hats. Hat boxes are usually round, but they also can be squared, as long as they can hold your hats safely and will not damage the hats. You can buy special hat boxes according to your hats’ size or you can use any box that is large enough to hold your hats. All they need to have is a lid to cover. You can use large shoeboxes or clear plastic boxes which will be good to keep your hats.

If you have several hats in the same size and shape, you can put them together by folding them. Don’t press any hats into each other if the hats are not in same shape. Some fragile hats that are easy to be damaged should be put in their own boxes. Plus, some hats with decorations like feathers, netting, or anything else might come off easily, so they also need to be stored in their own box.