How to Pack Your Hats for Travel

Many people like to wear a hat during traveling. It seems that hats become an indispensible accessory for hat lovers. While packing a hat is a hard thing for most people. They think the hat cannot be crushed and packed into their luggage or the pocket. In fact, some hats are crushable while some are not. It depends on what the fabric of the hat is, if it is made of cotton and nylon these soft materials that can be folded, if they are fedora or straw hats, you cannot pack them.

The packaging compatibility of the hat mainly depends on the material of the hat, but its style, stiffeners and embellishments are also part of the problem.

One thing to keep in mind is that just because the hat has a label, or is said to be “crushable and packable,” it doesn’t mean that the hat will come out of your suitcase in perfect shape without any wrinkles. Rather, your hat won’t be permanently damaged as long as you pack it correctly. Usually, many hats need to be ironed with a little steam from a kettle or iron, or even an industrial steamer, to get them back to their original shape.

Generally speaking, the softer the hat, the easier it is to be crushed and you make sure it won’t be damaged. Cotton hats such as buckets or bonnie hats are usually something you can pack without worrying about. If it is packed correctly, your hat should have few wrinkles, but you can always steam them out!

There are many other hats with materials that can be packed well. One of the best packable hats is raffia. Raffia is a kind of very durable straw from the Raffia palm tree that can be found in Africa, Madagascar, Central and South America. Raffia hats tend to be well packed because the fibers are very resilient once they form into the hat style.

Even if the hats with indentation is crushed and packed into your suitcase for a long trip, you can use your fingers to work around the brims or apply a little steam with the process to make the hat look new.

Therefore, as a general rule, if it is a rigid or hard-soft straw or felt, please avoid packing without a suitable hat box. In addition, large brim track hats or other expensive fancy hats should be placed ahead of time or have a suitable hat box.

The most important packaging tip for hats is to pick a hat that is suitable for travel. If it requires its own special circumstances and meticulous care, then a hat that can be packed into your backpack or soaked in a sudden downpour is better than the most stylish hat. So the first important thing is to choose a foldable and packable hat which is best for you to travel with. While you can pack a hat without folding it, you just put it on a flat surface and then fill it with other things.