Bucket Hats for Backpackers

I believe that most of you have planned some fun activities for your summertime. Hiking may cross your minds at first. Due to the hot weather and high temperature, you need to make full preparations to defense against the powerful sun’s rays. For example, you need to wear sunscreen, sun-proof clothing, backpack, tents, boots and more.

Usually, a hiking hat might not be important equipment on your list. Some people think that the places where you are going hiking may not as hot as the cities as there are a large number of vehicles which getting the city hotter than some parks and forests. In fact, you will be exposed to the sun for several days even longer than the time you have planned. So a hiking hat is an important accessory to keep you off the sun and the harmful UVA rays. Wearing a hiking hat can make you enjoy your adventures in the outdoors.

Whether you are still worried about the breathability of the hat or you have trouble with picking up the best hats for summer hiking, here are the best offerings in hats which you can find the one that suits you.

  • Bonnie bucket hat

This men bonnie bucket hat has the toggle that can be adjusted according to your own head size. It also comes with a polyester sweatband and mesh panels that can help to make the sweat on your head evaporate naturally. The hat is made of nylon and it can dry quickly. The packable and foldable features of the hat let you fold the hat without deforming its shape.

  • Canvas bucket hat

This canvas bucket hat has an adjustable chin strap to make the hat safely stay on your head. The brim of the hat is wide enough to offer you a good protection for reducing glare to your eyes. The material of the hat is cotton buck canvas, which means it is durable and comfortable, plus it can be used for a long time.

  • Outdoors bucket hat

The army-green bucket hat is most suitable for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, climbing and more. This hat is made of mixture of nylon and polyester which are all comfortable and lightweight, so that making sure the hat comfortably sit on your head. An adjustable chin strap is to keep the hat stay secured on your head when the wind blows. The hat features crushable and packable material means that you can easily fold the hat when you don’t want to wear it.

  • Climbing sun hat


If you want to climb the mountain or go camping in the forest, you may need a sun hat which can cover your whole face and back of your neck to avoid the glare and block the annoying bugs. As we all know, there are variety of bugs in the forest or by water. Therefore, this bucket hats with face mask can give you complete sun protection. The mesh holes allow for excellent breathability so that to keep your head cool and dry. Also, the hat has an adjustable strap that makes sure the hat safely fit your head.