Fashion Statement Hats for Women

A hat is an indispensable fashion piece of item for women. It is a part of women’s outfit over several centuries. Although it has appeared as a necessary accessory to work, it is already a sign of class and elegance, even during the summer.

In recent years, hats are not only as a functional item but also have become strong in our society. As you can see, more and more people are wearing a hat in the summer. These hats create a new look to any of our looks, regardless the weather and place where we are. You may use it on the beach, in the city or in outdoors.

In summer, some people prefer to stay in the air-conditioned room rather than going outside. But there are also some people who like to go out for travel or spend vacation on the beach. Other outdoor activities include walking outdoors in the strong sunshine, bathing in the sunshine on the beach and other outdoor activities to fill our leisure time. All of these activities need to be exposed to the sun, thus you need to wear the right clothes to keep comfortable, hydrated, and protect your skin against the sun. Besides, you should wear a pair of sunglasses, and of course match it with a hat to protect your head and face from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

Wearing a hat is undoubtedly a convenient and effective way to protect you from the sun during summer. This summer seems to be hotter that comes with higher temperatures than ever. Nevertheless, the hat will help us get through the hot summer. Summer hats go well with any of your outfit, so don’t be afraid to wear summer hats with dresses, pants, jeans, or even swimsuits or bikinis. 

Summer includes essential accessories, such as sunglasses or bikinis, and hats are one of them. They are very crucial for protecting your head and face from the sun. In addition, it can protect your face and shoulders from sunburn and it also relaxes the pupils and eyesight by keeping the sun out of your eyes. We can find many kinds of summer hats, but the most common and perhaps most suitable hats for this season are straw hats. There are many other kinds of hats for you to wear during summer: Panama, sailor, floppy, bucket hats and more.  

Summer hats are an integral part of our seasonal look. In addition to protecting us from the sun, it also brings us more elegant and charming style. You may wonder which hat I should wear. You already have several of hats in your closet, but they may not be suitable for the summer heat, so you can purchase a new one. The straw or raffia hat is the most popular hats during summer, while there are also other stylish hats, such as womens bucket hat or fishing hat, as well as berets. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes, but the most important thing is to choose a hat with a wide brim, which can offer the better sun protection for you.

Sun Hats for Toddlers and Infants

A sun hat is vital for a child’s safety and proper growth. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the delicate skin of your children. Children need sun hats more than adults because their skin is very sensitive, especially for infants. From a very young age, children are developing the immunity to against different things in the environment until they build their immunity. The skin of infants is very sensitive and sunshine is harsher than it used to be, so there are a lot of more content of ultraviolet rays. That’s why parents need to protect your kids from the harmful UV rays of excessive sun exposure by making them wear a sun hat.  

It’s difficult to get a toddler to wear a sun hat. Most children are uncomfortable with wearing things on their heads because they want their heads to be as unrestricted as possible. However, if you only give them something more important than keeping their heads free, they will soon change their mind. Wear a sun hat with images and stills of famous children’s programs. This will be a great incentive for your child to wear a sun hat.

As mentioned above, a sun hat will protect your child from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Besides, by wearing a sun hat, your child will gradually realize the value of protecting oneself from the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure. You should teach your children about keeping the extended exposure effects to the minimum from a very young age. A sun hat for toddlers is used to protect them from the sun and UV radiation. The UV protection of an infant’s sun hat can be determined according to the UPF rating of the sun hat. The best UPF rating for a hat is 50+, which means the hat blocks around 98 percent of the harmful rays. There are some essential factors that parents should consider when choosing a sun hat for your kids.

Firstly, you should look for a wide-brimmed sun hat for your kids. Hats with wide brims will provide the best sun protection for kids, they can not only protect the eyes and face, but also shade their neck, ears and some of the shoulders as well. Most of us have neglected the importance of sun protection for the neck. In fact, the back of the neck is a common place for sunburn, so choose a hat with wide brim or neck flaps to protect kids’ neck.  

Secondly, UPF rating is a crucial factor that determines how much protection that kids can get. Remember, a hat with UPF rating of 50+ will give your kids the best protection from the sun.

Thirdly, sun hats more often than not have chin straps or drawstrings that used to keep the hat stay put in the head. For babies and toddlers, they don’t like to be restricted by something, so they may not want to wear a hat. Most babies will pull and tug at their hat at some point. So a bucket hat features a chin strap will help the hat stay put in your kid’s head. Also, a chin strap will keep the hat stay in place when it’s blowing.