Best Sun Hats for Traveling

As the summer has already came, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, you may have planned some activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and go traveling to some cool places. That means we need to be out and will be exposed to the sunlight. Actually, we can enjoy basking on the seaside or in the yard, but too much UVA rays will damage our skin and accelerate aging. So you must protect your face: the most delicate part, and long-term being exposed to radiation. Thus, you may need a stylish sun hat to protect your face from the sun.

You need to consider the following tips when choosing the best sun hat.

Firstly, you need to consider how much coverage you need. There are many kinds of sun hats in the market. They are different from the shape, styles, and colors. And the capability of sun protection they offer is not equal. A wide-brimmed sun hat can cover most of your face and even your neck. While a narrow-brimmed sun hat just covers your forehead. Some sun hats also have masks or back that can protect the back of your neck and your shoulders.

Secondly, you should also think about the adjustable chin strap or drawstring that allows the hat to stay secured on your head. Besides, making the hat fit your head size. You can adjust the cord to make you comfortable to wear.

Thirdly, for backpackers, they want the sun hat can be wearable and taken anywhere, so a packable and foldable sun hat is the best choice for them. Some sun hats can be folded and packed into the baggage, while some hats is so hard that cannot be folded easily. For those soft and flexible sun hats which can be easily folded and put into the pocket. So you may want to select a sun hat which is made of soft material, such as cotton, polyester and more, to let you easy to carry.

Last but not least, a hat’s UPF rating is also an important factor that you should consider. Because the UPF rating measures how much sunlight can be blocked with the hat. Also, it explains the amount of UV rays can be blocked.

After knowing the above tips for choosing the best sun hat for your summer activities, next I would like to recommend you a good sun hat as far as I’m considered, that is the bucket hat.

It couldn’t be better to wear a nice bucket hat for your traveling. The stylish and durable bucket hat can meet all your needs for a sun hat. It comes in a lot of colors including white, black, military green, navy and more. If you go traveling to some cool places, you can wear some solid-colored bucket hats, such as white, beige and khaki. If you go to the beaches, you can wear some colorful bucket hats, like floral hats.

Bucket hats for traveling usually have a removable and adjustable chin strap or drawstring that can be adjusted based on your head size. If you don’t want the chin strap, you can remove it at any time.

If you haven’t yet chosen a sun hat for spending this summer, I would recommend you to try the bucket hat.

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