Best Sun Protection Methods

Sun protection is a crucial thing that everyone needs to care about their skin health in case getting sunburn even developing the skin cancer.

Ultraviolet rays can cause sunburns and skin cancer by damaging the skin’s cellular DNA. If you get one severe sunburned in your youth, or five burns at any time in your life, more than doubles your chance of developing melanoma in your later life. The sun produces several types of ultraviolet rays. The two of most concern are UVA and UVB rays. UVA is a kind of long wave which can penetrate the cloud layer and untreated glass, and has a deeply effect on the skin than UVB. It can cause aging of the skin and wrinkles and weaken the immune system, as well as lead to skin cancer. UVB is a type of short wave which can penetrate the cloud but it cannot penetrate the glass. UVB rays are also the main cause of sunburns, and it also contributes to skin aging and cancer, as well as weaken the immune system. UVB is most dangerous between 10 am and 4 pm.

The sun has a great impact on skin when you go outside. Therefore, be sure to take these factors into account when packing for travel.

UPF is used to measure the level of sun protection of a fabric. UPF applies to the clothing, which the ratings range from UPF 5 to UPF 50+, with 8 being the rating for an average white t-shirt. It can block both UVA and UVB rays. Sun-protective clothing with a UPF rating offers good protection for your skin and you are protected all day along. The more intense the sun, the higher UPF rating of a clothing you should wear, especially if you will be out for an extended period of time. Sun-protective clothes include long-sleeve shirts, shorts, swimsuits, sun hats and so on. Although all clothing offers some degree of sun protection, UPF clothing provides the better protection from the sun. Sun hats are important for they can protect your face, ear and neck from the sun while also can be good accessories for your outfits. Sun hats come into a variety of designs and styles, and they differ in colors, shapes, materials and protection level. For example, bucket hats with moderate brim that can protect face, ears and back of the neck. A wide-brimmed sun hat can cover the skin of your face, ears and neck.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is the effectiveness of sunscreen that protects against UVB rays. And a broad-spectrum sunscreen can block both UVA and UVB rays. Apply sunscreen with a shot glass full at least 20 minutes before you go outside. Remember apply it every two hours. If you go swimming or sweating or using a towel, reapply more.

The safest and easiest way to be protected from the sun and its UV rays is to cover yourself from head to toe. It is best to wear sun-protective clothes that have UPF rating. Always bring a hat when you travel.

Fashion Statement Hats for Women

A hat is an indispensable fashion piece of item for women. It is a part of women’s outfit over several centuries. Although it has appeared as a necessary accessory to work, it is already a sign of class and elegance, even during the summer.

In recent years, hats are not only as a functional item but also have become strong in our society. As you can see, more and more people are wearing a hat in the summer. These hats create a new look to any of our looks, regardless the weather and place where we are. You may use it on the beach, in the city or in outdoors.

In summer, some people prefer to stay in the air-conditioned room rather than going outside. But there are also some people who like to go out for travel or spend vacation on the beach. Other outdoor activities include walking outdoors in the strong sunshine, bathing in the sunshine on the beach and other outdoor activities to fill our leisure time. All of these activities need to be exposed to the sun, thus you need to wear the right clothes to keep comfortable, hydrated, and protect your skin against the sun. Besides, you should wear a pair of sunglasses, and of course match it with a hat to protect your head and face from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

Wearing a hat is undoubtedly a convenient and effective way to protect you from the sun during summer. This summer seems to be hotter that comes with higher temperatures than ever. Nevertheless, the hat will help us get through the hot summer. Summer hats go well with any of your outfit, so don’t be afraid to wear summer hats with dresses, pants, jeans, or even swimsuits or bikinis. 

Summer includes essential accessories, such as sunglasses or bikinis, and hats are one of them. They are very crucial for protecting your head and face from the sun. In addition, it can protect your face and shoulders from sunburn and it also relaxes the pupils and eyesight by keeping the sun out of your eyes. We can find many kinds of summer hats, but the most common and perhaps most suitable hats for this season are straw hats. There are many other kinds of hats for you to wear during summer: Panama, sailor, floppy, bucket hats and more.  

Summer hats are an integral part of our seasonal look. In addition to protecting us from the sun, it also brings us more elegant and charming style. You may wonder which hat I should wear. You already have several of hats in your closet, but they may not be suitable for the summer heat, so you can purchase a new one. The straw or raffia hat is the most popular hats during summer, while there are also other stylish hats, such as womens bucket hat or fishing hat, as well as berets. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes, but the most important thing is to choose a hat with a wide brim, which can offer the better sun protection for you.

Sun Hats for Toddlers and Infants

A sun hat is vital for a child’s safety and proper growth. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the delicate skin of your children. Children need sun hats more than adults because their skin is very sensitive, especially for infants. From a very young age, children are developing the immunity to against different things in the environment until they build their immunity. The skin of infants is very sensitive and sunshine is harsher than it used to be, so there are a lot of more content of ultraviolet rays. That’s why parents need to protect your kids from the harmful UV rays of excessive sun exposure by making them wear a sun hat.  

It’s difficult to get a toddler to wear a sun hat. Most children are uncomfortable with wearing things on their heads because they want their heads to be as unrestricted as possible. However, if you only give them something more important than keeping their heads free, they will soon change their mind. Wear a sun hat with images and stills of famous children’s programs. This will be a great incentive for your child to wear a sun hat.

As mentioned above, a sun hat will protect your child from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Besides, by wearing a sun hat, your child will gradually realize the value of protecting oneself from the adverse effects of excessive sun exposure. You should teach your children about keeping the extended exposure effects to the minimum from a very young age. A sun hat for toddlers is used to protect them from the sun and UV radiation. The UV protection of an infant’s sun hat can be determined according to the UPF rating of the sun hat. The best UPF rating for a hat is 50+, which means the hat blocks around 98 percent of the harmful rays. There are some essential factors that parents should consider when choosing a sun hat for your kids.

Firstly, you should look for a wide-brimmed sun hat for your kids. Hats with wide brims will provide the best sun protection for kids, they can not only protect the eyes and face, but also shade their neck, ears and some of the shoulders as well. Most of us have neglected the importance of sun protection for the neck. In fact, the back of the neck is a common place for sunburn, so choose a hat with wide brim or neck flaps to protect kids’ neck.  

Secondly, UPF rating is a crucial factor that determines how much protection that kids can get. Remember, a hat with UPF rating of 50+ will give your kids the best protection from the sun.

Thirdly, sun hats more often than not have chin straps or drawstrings that used to keep the hat stay put in the head. For babies and toddlers, they don’t like to be restricted by something, so they may not want to wear a hat. Most babies will pull and tug at their hat at some point. So a bucket hat features a chin strap will help the hat stay put in your kid’s head. Also, a chin strap will keep the hat stay in place when it’s blowing.

1970s Women’s Outfits

In the 1970s, you could see women wearing Indian block-print bedspread dresses, tie-dye t-shirts, skinny jeans or black dresses. Women’s outfits of the 1970s inherited the fashion of the 1960s, which still reflected the mixture of rebellious hippies and unconventional fashion. Whether it was short skirt with long coat or long skirt paired with short vest, there’s no definite direction to the fashion during this period.

The mods were reviving the flapper look of the 1920s, with its round-necked cloche hats and shift dress. Mature women preferred classic clothes from the 40s and 50s. 1970s fashion was a hodgepodge, not a continuation of one period, but a fusion of periods. Women favored comfortable and casual clothes. Over the past decade, all the looks tried to transform the modern style into something less plastic and simpler, while the hippie turned into tailored chic.

In the early 1970s, miniskirts, jumper dress, drop waist dress and tunic dress were still the dominant fashion. In winter, women wore sleeveless jumper dresses with short or long sleeve shirts and high knee socks. Drop waist shift dresses and button front sheath dresses were made of polyester double-knit fabric, which had excellent wrinkle resistance. Many dresses had oversized collars, and some began creating hippie styles in yellow, green and orange flowers or paisley swirls.

Women’s dresses looked more like 1940s and 1950s fashion with A-line skirts or pleated skirts as well as button-down tops. Simple one-piece dresses with belts, cap sleeves and swingy skirts or two tunics, skirts and belts constructed of the most casual dresses in that era. In autumn and winter women preferred jewel tones, while in the summer they chose pastels and white. White was a very popular color at that time for everything from dresses to hats, handbags to shoes.

For most of the 1970s, women wore pants for both day and dressy evenings because they were simple and comfortable. The dressy pants were inspired by the 1940s, with wide and straight leg and big pleats at the top for comfort. Women’s pantsuits, though unknown, had exploded on the market. Men’s tailored blazers were paired with tank vests and pussy bow tie blouse, with wide trousers and pointy toe boots, along with men’s style button-down shirts, matching suit vests, big hats, flat shoes and glasses, the look was a new trend for smart and stylish women. The shortest women’s shorts were hot pants. They were very short and with bright colors, which were made of satin, cotton, nylon, denim, and velvet. Most of them were in high waisted look. They were usually worn with tall boots and bright tights, adding a long, wide-lapel blazer to make women work easily.

As a fashion accessory, many young women in the 1970s still favored to wear hats. The wide-brimmed floppy hat was probably the most iconic hat of the decade. It worked well with peasant clothes, especially for white mesh dresses in summer, or brown suede or handmade quilted designs of hippie clothes. Casual bucket hat was specifically designed for summertime. Baseball caps and sun visors were also popular with sports fans. Hand-knitted beret was a winter staple.

How to Preserve Your Hats?

Hats are the easiest and cheapest way to protect your skin from the sun and the UV radiation, as well as to add a finishing touch to your outfit. While to protect them is not an easy thing, you can’t just throw them in there without deforming them. Therefore, you need to find the correct ways to preserve your hats. There are some ways for storing your hats, such as hang them in pegs, put them in a hat box and keep them in order will help you keep your hats safe and easy to find.

No. 1 Hanging Hats on Pegs

Most hats can be hung on pegs or hooks; this is very convenient for people who are lazy to organize things. But only some hats with solid construction can be hung on the pegs, while some fragile or antique hats may not be the good choice. There are many kinds of pegs for you to choose. You can buy them on the market or online. If you are DIY enthusiasts, you can make your own hangers by using regular nails or hooks. Make sure that the pegs are long enough to hang your hats securely. Generally speaking, a hat will be held up with 2 inches pegs.

After you got pegs, you also need to choose a space for installing pegs. The space should be secure and out of direct sunlight, otherwise, they will damage your hats. Most people like to hang the hats on the wall space, but you can hang your hats in a closet door or entryway, which would be better.

Remember do not put the pegs too close, or your hats would be very crowd. The space you give your hats based on the sizes of your hats. For example, bucket hats will require less space, while a wide-brimmed hat needs more space.

If your hats are mostly used in summer, they are often lightweight. You can buy stick-on adhesives to make sure the pegs stay securely on the wall, and then hang your hats on the pegs.

No. 2 Store Hats in Hat Boxes

Using a hat box to store your hats can keep them away from dust and moisture without damaging your hats. Hat boxes are usually round, but they also can be squared, as long as they can hold your hats safely and will not damage the hats. You can buy special hat boxes according to your hats’ size or you can use any box that is large enough to hold your hats. All they need to have is a lid to cover. You can use large shoeboxes or clear plastic boxes which will be good to keep your hats.

If you have several hats in the same size and shape, you can put them together by folding them. Don’t press any hats into each other if the hats are not in same shape. Some fragile hats that are easy to be damaged should be put in their own boxes. Plus, some hats with decorations like feathers, netting, or anything else might come off easily, so they also need to be stored in their own box.

How to Pack Your Hats for Travel

Many people like to wear a hat during traveling. It seems that hats become an indispensible accessory for hat lovers. While packing a hat is a hard thing for most people. They think the hat cannot be crushed and packed into their luggage or the pocket. In fact, some hats are crushable while some are not. It depends on what the fabric of the hat is, if it is made of cotton and nylon these soft materials that can be folded, if they are fedora or straw hats, you cannot pack them.

The packaging compatibility of the hat mainly depends on the material of the hat, but its style, stiffeners and embellishments are also part of the problem.

One thing to keep in mind is that just because the hat has a label, or is said to be “crushable and packable,” it doesn’t mean that the hat will come out of your suitcase in perfect shape without any wrinkles. Rather, your hat won’t be permanently damaged as long as you pack it correctly. Usually, many hats need to be ironed with a little steam from a kettle or iron, or even an industrial steamer, to get them back to their original shape.

Generally speaking, the softer the hat, the easier it is to be crushed and you make sure it won’t be damaged. Cotton hats such as buckets or bonnie hats are usually something you can pack without worrying about. If it is packed correctly, your hat should have few wrinkles, but you can always steam them out!

There are many other hats with materials that can be packed well. One of the best packable hats is raffia. Raffia is a kind of very durable straw from the Raffia palm tree that can be found in Africa, Madagascar, Central and South America. Raffia hats tend to be well packed because the fibers are very resilient once they form into the hat style.

Even if the hats with indentation is crushed and packed into your suitcase for a long trip, you can use your fingers to work around the brims or apply a little steam with the process to make the hat look new.

Therefore, as a general rule, if it is a rigid or hard-soft straw or felt, please avoid packing without a suitable hat box. In addition, large brim track hats or other expensive fancy hats should be placed ahead of time or have a suitable hat box.

The most important packaging tip for hats is to pick a hat that is suitable for travel. If it requires its own special circumstances and meticulous care, then a hat that can be packed into your backpack or soaked in a sudden downpour is better than the most stylish hat. So the first important thing is to choose a foldable and packable hat which is best for you to travel with. While you can pack a hat without folding it, you just put it on a flat surface and then fill it with other things.

Bucket Hats for Backpackers

I believe that most of you have planned some fun activities for your summertime. Hiking may cross your minds at first. Due to the hot weather and high temperature, you need to make full preparations to defense against the powerful sun’s rays. For example, you need to wear sunscreen, sun-proof clothing, backpack, tents, boots and more.

Usually, a hiking hat might not be important equipment on your list. Some people think that the places where you are going hiking may not as hot as the cities as there are a large number of vehicles which getting the city hotter than some parks and forests. In fact, you will be exposed to the sun for several days even longer than the time you have planned. So a hiking hat is an important accessory to keep you off the sun and the harmful UVA rays. Wearing a hiking hat can make you enjoy your adventures in the outdoors.

Whether you are still worried about the breathability of the hat or you have trouble with picking up the best hats for summer hiking, here are the best offerings in hats which you can find the one that suits you.

  • Bonnie bucket hat

This men bonnie bucket hat has the toggle that can be adjusted according to your own head size. It also comes with a polyester sweatband and mesh panels that can help to make the sweat on your head evaporate naturally. The hat is made of nylon and it can dry quickly. The packable and foldable features of the hat let you fold the hat without deforming its shape.

  • Canvas bucket hat

This canvas bucket hat has an adjustable chin strap to make the hat safely stay on your head. The brim of the hat is wide enough to offer you a good protection for reducing glare to your eyes. The material of the hat is cotton buck canvas, which means it is durable and comfortable, plus it can be used for a long time.

  • Outdoors bucket hat

The army-green bucket hat is most suitable for outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, climbing and more. This hat is made of mixture of nylon and polyester which are all comfortable and lightweight, so that making sure the hat comfortably sit on your head. An adjustable chin strap is to keep the hat stay secured on your head when the wind blows. The hat features crushable and packable material means that you can easily fold the hat when you don’t want to wear it.

  • Climbing sun hat


If you want to climb the mountain or go camping in the forest, you may need a sun hat which can cover your whole face and back of your neck to avoid the glare and block the annoying bugs. As we all know, there are variety of bugs in the forest or by water. Therefore, this bucket hats with face mask can give you complete sun protection. The mesh holes allow for excellent breathability so that to keep your head cool and dry. Also, the hat has an adjustable strap that makes sure the hat safely fit your head.


Camping Hats

If you are going outdoors for camping, you may want to make sure everything that can protect you from the sun during any season. A camping hat can be one of the best items that can protect you from the harmful rays, heat stroke even the rain. A camping hat is not as same as the normal hats, for example, a baseball cap can only block your forehead with the long brim. While a camping hat not only can protect your face but also your neck even your shoulders. So a camping hat may not be the most stylish choice but it is definitely the safest hat. If you have no idea for choosing a camping hat, then the following camping bucket hats are for you.

  • Unisex Outdoor hat

The hat has a neck flap while it cannot be detached for those who do not want it. The material of the hat is polyester that offers the most protection form the harmful rays.

It is breathable so that you have not to worry about feeling stuffy. It offers good ventilation with the mesh holes. The light and soft fabric make you feel comfortable to wear. It is very durable and can be used for a long time. If you stay a couple of days in outdoors, this hat can be worn all the day.

  • Camo Boonie hat

The Camo Boonie hat with UPF50+ is the best sun hats during a day trip in hot summer. It offers effective sun protection for your face, ears and neck. The hat comes with an adjustable chin strap which means you can adjust it at will, and it also ensure the hat stay secured on your head.

The solid construction of the hat solves your problem for the hat may be blown away by the wind. It is an excellent sun hat for camping.

  • Sun bucket hat

This sun bucket hat is perfect for those who do not want the wide and large brim. This bucket hat features a crushable and shorter brim. The hat can slope down from the top and give you better sun protection from the sun. It is crushable and foldable so that you can pack it and put into the bottom of your backpacks without damaging it. Besides, it is lightweight that won’t make you feel uncomfortable even wearing it for a long time.

It has an adjustable chin drawstring, which ensures the hat stay safely on your head especially on windy days. The bucket hat is lightweight and has good breathability thanks to the mesh ventilation.

  • Beige Boonie hat

The beige hat is suitable for fishing or camping. It features with soft and fast-drying nylon fabric. If it is rainy, this hat can quickly dry when you go camping. The hat has a sweatband that can wick away your sweat and keep your head cool and dry.

The wide-brimmed hat has a detachable chin strap that allows you to adjust it to fit your head size.

There are a few elements for you to consider when choosing a camping hat. But please remember that the function of a hat is the primary thing that you need to think.

Best Sun Hats for Traveling

As the summer has already came, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, you may have planned some activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and go traveling to some cool places. That means we need to be out and will be exposed to the sunlight. Actually, we can enjoy basking on the seaside or in the yard, but too much UVA rays will damage our skin and accelerate aging. So you must protect your face: the most delicate part, and long-term being exposed to radiation. Thus, you may need a stylish sun hat to protect your face from the sun.

You need to consider the following tips when choosing the best sun hat.

Firstly, you need to consider how much coverage you need. There are many kinds of sun hats in the market. They are different from the shape, styles, and colors. And the capability of sun protection they offer is not equal. A wide-brimmed sun hat can cover most of your face and even your neck. While a narrow-brimmed sun hat just covers your forehead. Some sun hats also have masks or back that can protect the back of your neck and your shoulders.

Secondly, you should also think about the adjustable chin strap or drawstring that allows the hat to stay secured on your head. Besides, making the hat fit your head size. You can adjust the cord to make you comfortable to wear.

Thirdly, for backpackers, they want the sun hat can be wearable and taken anywhere, so a packable and foldable sun hat is the best choice for them. Some sun hats can be folded and packed into the baggage, while some hats is so hard that cannot be folded easily. For those soft and flexible sun hats which can be easily folded and put into the pocket. So you may want to select a sun hat which is made of soft material, such as cotton, polyester and more, to let you easy to carry.

Last but not least, a hat’s UPF rating is also an important factor that you should consider. Because the UPF rating measures how much sunlight can be blocked with the hat. Also, it explains the amount of UV rays can be blocked.

After knowing the above tips for choosing the best sun hat for your summer activities, next I would like to recommend you a good sun hat as far as I’m considered, that is the bucket hat.

It couldn’t be better to wear a nice bucket hat for your traveling. The stylish and durable bucket hat can meet all your needs for a sun hat. It comes in a lot of colors including white, black, military green, navy and more. If you go traveling to some cool places, you can wear some solid-colored bucket hats, such as white, beige and khaki. If you go to the beaches, you can wear some colorful bucket hats, like floral hats.

Bucket hats for traveling usually have a removable and adjustable chin strap or drawstring that can be adjusted based on your head size. If you don’t want the chin strap, you can remove it at any time.

If you haven’t yet chosen a sun hat for spending this summer, I would recommend you to try the bucket hat.